Directions for Accessing Surplus Lines Eligibility List

Mar 18, 2013 | Archive News

This bulletin contains directions for accessing Surplus Lines Eligibility List from the Texas Department of Insurance:


In an effort to keep surplus lines agents up to date on eligible surplus lines insurers in Texas, the department has created an Excel Comma Separated Values (CSV) report that is updated daily directly from the department’s database.

With the addition of this report, the Quarterly List of Eligible Insurers will no longer be forwarded to the stamping office each quarter as this list supersedes the quarterly list. This live list of eligible insurers is updated daily and can be accessed on the department’s website at:

Please visit this webpage and click the hyperlink titled: “Various lists are available for download”, note the disclaimer regarding surplus lines insurers on this webpage. On the next page click to expand the “Regulated Companies” tab, and select “Surplus Lines”or “Active Syndicates” from the menu. Select the grey bar “Download Search Results in Comma Separated Values (CSV) Format” and at the bottom of the screen a dialogue box will appear where the report has been populated in Excel, click to view.

The information found in this report includes: TDI No., Company Name, Eligibility Date, Statutory Home Office City and State/Country and Contact Mailing Address for surplus lines insurers and Lloyd’s Syndicates by TDI No. and Eligibility Date. To view information contained in the spreadsheet, click on the title headings to expand or collapse each column with the cross bar that appears when hovering over the column dividing lines by double-clicking. The report may be saved and information searched by CTRL “F” to find a particular company. Please use an internet search engine as a resource for other Excel related questions when manipulating this report.

An additional supplemental report will continue to be published monthly to inform agents of additions, deletions, name, home office and mailing address changes that occurred in the prior month. This supplemental report will be available on the stamping office website as a bulletin when received from the department and will also appear in excel format.

Any questions regarding this bulletin or eligibility list should be directed to TDI.